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TrawlCast - Episode 36 [Summer Shows Retrospective, Geek Talk, Band Updates & More]
TrawlCast - Episode 35 [Christopher Leighton of The Percussion Exchange Interview]
TRAWL - Portland, ME

TrawlCast - Episode 35 [Christopher Leighton of The Percussion Exchange Interview]

TrawlCast is a podcast featuring Sean Matthews and Seth McClellan of the Portland, Maine Funk Metal band TRAWL. Find the show everywhere at​​​ Ep. 35: In this episode, Sean and Seth are joined by the Owner/Drum Builder of The Percussion Exchange, Christopher Leighton. You may recognize Chris as the drummer of the band Twin Grizzly. The guys talk about the beginnings of The Percussion Exchange, Chris's love of woodworking and his passion of drum building. Chris also reveals some of his awesome vendors which include: Vansir Cymbals - Drumpax - and his drumstick sponsors Collision Drumsticks -! If you are a drummer or know a drummer and would like to get in touch with Chris about his custom-made drums or help support The Percussion Exchange, head on over to Check out all of his vendors and sponsors by checking out the websites listed above. In this week's WTFQ! The guys want to know Back in high school, what would have been the strangest thing someone could find in your locker? Share your answer where this episode is posted and use #WTFQ and #TrawlCast. Like what you hear? Want to hear more? Click that subscribe button! When a new episode drops, you will be all set to keep on listening. Find TRAWL Online:​​​​​​​​​​​​ Website:​​​ Local Merch Store: Custom Merch Store:
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